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ink_amortentia's Journal

The Harry Potter Author/Artist Prompt Exchange
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Have you ever wanted to see parts of your fanfictions be transformed into fanart by a talented artist? Have you drawn a gorgeous picture and wished that someone would write a fanfiction based on it? Do you feel your best writing/drawing comes from promps you see in fanart/fanfiction? Does Amortentia smell vaugely of ink to you?

Ink Amorentia is a place meant for the transformation of fanart and fiction. Join and post art or fanfictions, or to use the posted fiction and art prompts. Lurkers and vouers are welcome. To keep out the riffraff, membership is closed, but getting in is pretty easy.

One Liners
Remember to put everything behind a cut (<*LJ-cut text="Something creative"> along with any warnings
Please State in the subject line if it's a fic or art (Makes it easier for those in a hurry)
There are somany characters just waiting to be written about and drawn, so let's keep our origional characters to a minimum. And I do mean minimum!
A little kindness goes a long way

Affiliate of seeking_artists

On Pimping here
Do you want to advertise your RPG or something here? You may go right ahead! But first, you must post one full work of art or story. Then you're free to pimp your community... as long as it's just the link, an explanation (seven sentences long or less), and it is in the same post as another story or bit of art.

Your friendly Mods, jateshi and harpsiccord are here to help you. Spread the word (but only where it's appropriate-- just as we don't like spamming other communities OT, we shouldn't do it either)