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by Mary (um_gummybear)
at December 11th, 2005 (02:47 pm)

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This is an excerpt from "Breaking Up The Marauders" on fanfiction.net. If someone could draw it for me, that would definitely make me life.

"The words!" cried Elle. "The words are gone!"

And she was right.

The once bold black writing had faded away entirely.

Brigid snatched up the paper and dropped it immeadietly, gasping, "Hot!"

"We all have to touch it," said Lily, eyeing the paper warily.

Glancing at her friends' nervous faces, she reached out her hand and nodded to Brigid and Elle to do the same.

"On three," she whispered. "One...Two...Three!"

On the last count, the three girls threw their fingers on the paper and were met by an agonizing burning sensation.

Elle gave a small whimper. Lily gritted her teeth and said through them, "Don't move your hand. Whatever happens."

As she spoke, the Binding Charm burst into blood red flames that danced around their hands. The flames died moments later and all that was left of the paper was a pile of ash.

Taking the cue from Lily, who snatched back her hand, Brigid and Elle withdrew their hands.

Burned red into the flesh of their palms, was an X.

After a few moments, skin appeared to grow over and all that was left was a faint scar line.

The only evidence that anything had happened was the cries of pain that came from Elle, as she rocked back and forth cradling her hand.

Descriptions of Elle, Brigid, and the Binding Charm (so you don't have to go digging into the story to find them).

Elle- Light brown hair, somewhat curly, blue eyes, freckles.

Brigid- Tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes

The Binding Charm- It's a blood red piece of paper that has flecks of gold scattered about it. The writing has disappeared by this point.

Thanks! :)

Penname- Ruinsul

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